Learning Pool

Learning Pool

Learning Pool is the only online learning community dedicated exclusively to the public sector. From councils to central government departments, we provide e-learning courses, a managed learning platform and community-led social learning solutions designed to help you drive organisational change, improve service delivery and build capacity – all with increasing efficiency.

Smart public sector organisations are using e-learning as part of their learning and development blend to improve results and achieve considerable efficiencies.

Unfortunately, off-the-shelf e-learning packages are not always the best fit for public sector organisations and custom developments can be expensive.

Plus the growth of public sector e-learning has led to extensive duplication of efforts - not very efficient.

Learning Pool takes a different approach.

We work with the public sector to create e-learning courses designed specifically for your needs, give you the tools to create your own and maintain a growing community of practice.

E-Learning for Public Sector Staff
For public sector staff our subscription provides a suite of over 300 e-learning modules designed specifically for the public sector.

Created by our team and other members of the community, our e-learning will run on any learning platform and enables our members to develop a comprehensive e-learning portfolio quickly and cost effectively.

Using our authoring tool councils can share and repurpose e-learning and even create their own content - improving efficiency, fostering cooperation and spreading best practice.

To view courses available to Learning Pool subscribers visit our learning catalogue.

You can also request guest access to the Learning Pool website to see some of our e-learning modules in action and to join our online community.

We have a business case template we can send you to help you make the case for a Learning Pool subscription.

E-Learning for School Governors and Local Councillors
We've also built e-learning programmes for school governors and local councillors.

Modern Governor and Modern Councillor provide a simple, dedicated solution for both the induction and ongoing training needs of these groups.

E-Learning for Social Care
Social care is one of the most challenging and ever changing service areas. We have created a social care e-learning subscription to help public sector organisations make big efficiency savings in their adult social care services provision.

Bespoke E-Learning Development
And if you need something more specific we can put our team of instructional designers, developers and subject matter experts to work on your bespoke e-learning project.

Learning Pool

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