How to create a page on London Olympics 2012

All you need to know to add your own pages to the site

Firstly, you need to have registered on the site. All we need is a name and email address and you can add pages straight away. Note that all pages are are reviewed by the editorial team before being made live.

Step by Step

1. Register or log in

if you already registered just log in, otherwise go to the registration page and register as a member.

2. Upload Pictures

You have your own library of pictures which you can use to add to the pages you create. They must be in GIF or JPG format and cannot exceed 512 Kb each.

Go to My Pictures and upload as many as you want using the upload form (shown below).

london olympics 2012 image library

3. Create Page

Go to My Pages and click on the create page link (shown below).

create london olympics 2012 page

Fill in the form (shown below) and click Save Page.

london olympics content page form

4. Edit Your Page

Once you created the page, you can edit it at any time. You find a list of the page you have created in My Pages. Click on the page title to view it on the site, or the edit button to the left of the title to edit.

Import Information

All submitted content is checked by the editorial team and will be removed if it is unsuitable. Unsuitable material incudes the following:-

  • images or text of a sexual nature
  • images or text depicting violence of any sort
  • images or text likely to incite hatred of race, creed or colour
  • images or text which is subject to copyright

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